This project pursues different general objectives.

Active involvement

On the one hand, the project seeks to collaborate actively with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, performing what is best for us and it can be satisfactory for the participants: training in music and percussion.
In addition to the basic objectives of communication, integration and self-esteem, this activity will also work with the following objectives:

  • Increase self esteem from an activity where they are the protagonists.
  • Increase security through rhythmic movements.
  • To maximize the developmental possibilities of children through the memorization of rhythms.
  • Work and develop creativity.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Develop cognitive and learning abilities.
  • Develop social skills.
  • Develop emotional skills.
  • Improve social and emotional behaviors.
  • Increase hearing perception and body schematics.
  • Increase awareness of oneself.
  • Acquire manual skills by manipulating instruments.
  • Improve walking movements, coordination, laterality, orientation and balance.
  • Improve motor skills.
  • Present a channel to release impulsivity, anxiety, aggressiveness and tension.

Medium / long term

The participants of the workshop will acquire musical and percussion knowledge that will allow them to continue developing their activity at the end of the workshop. In this way, music will be a key factor for your personal development.

Promote the construction of houses

In the set of activities and actions that will be carried out in the pre-workshop phase in India, funds will be collected to finance the construction of one or more houses.


Finally, the project will disseminate the Vicente Ferrer Foundation Integral Development Program and raise awareness about the living conditions of communities, it is disadvantaged in India.

For this, a series of actions will be carried out to disseminate the project in the activities that are already carried out habitually.