Through this joint action for the benefit of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, the following 3 main objectives will be achieved:

Financing the construction of houses

Thanks to the sale of solidarity sticks, housing construction in India will be possible as well as the instruments that will be donated to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation as part of the Lupresti Project so that the project can continue with activities during the rest of the year.


This solidarity action will be present at numerous percussion events and specialized stores.

The drumsticks are an indispensable tool that any percussionist wears on and usually exhibits to his peers, even more if he has a significant reason. The solidarity dowries will spread the solidary action to the benefit of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Drumstick as a gift

The boys and girls participating in the workshops that will be held in India will be able to enjoy the benefits of percussion throughout the year, as they will be dressed with a pair of drumsticks so they can continue practicing and deepening what they learned during the workshop .